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What questions should I ask at a skilled nursing facility?
The Medicare website offers resources to assist in the decision making process of finding the right skilled nursing facility for individual’s needs. The Pennsylvania Department of Health website also offers a checklist of items to ask when researching facilities.

What is the five star quality rating system for skilled nursing homes?
The rating system was developed to help individuals and their families compare skilled nursing facilities. Facilities are provided a rating for health inspections, staffing and quality measures. Those three ratings are combined to provide the overall rating for the facility.

What is a department of health survey?
Department of Health representatives review skilled nursing facilities at least yearly to determine if the care provided is quality care, which meets the requirements necessary to receive Medicare or Medicaid payments. The survey is not announced and will last several days. The review includes facility tours, general nursing care, medical record review, resident and family interviews, staff to resident ratios, housekeeping, food service, nutrition, social services and general facility operations. A report is provided upon completion of the review and any items that require improvement must completed within the specified time period.

Who is accepted to Mosser Nursing Home?
All adults are eligible for admission to Mosser Nursing Home. We do not limit admission due to locality, organizational affiliation or personal resources.

How many residents can be accommodated?
Mosser Nursing Home has 60 beds and is certified by Medicare and Medical Assistance.

How do I pay?
Mosser accepts private pay, Medicare, certain insurances and Medical Assistance. Payment of personal liability is due upon the completion of the billing period, which is typically monthly.

How do I qualify for admission?
Persons seeking acceptance into Mosser Nursing Home must meet medical and financial eligibility requirements. Medical eligibility is determined by a physician and financial eligibility is determined by establishing adequate personal resources and/or eligible insurance coverage. The staff at Mosser would be happy to assist you in seeking these determinations.

What happens if you run out of resources?
If you outlive your resources, Mosser Nursing Home will assist you in obtaining Medical Assistance benefits. If a resident maintains their Medical Assistance eligibility and commitments, Mosser will not discharge a resident for financial reasons.

When are visitors allowed?
Mosser Nursing Home does not restrict visiting hours. However, we ask that you kindly respect the privacy and rights of our other residents and limit your visitation to generally accepted hours.

What can I do when I visit?
Visitors are very important to our residents. A well coordinated visit can be enjoyable and satisfying to everyone. Our staff is available to discuss visiting times. Activities such as games, meals and trips can be planned in advance to help enhance the experience.

Is smoking permitted?
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the facility’s premises.